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Our Counselling part is not confined within the campus, it also extends on the carrier of an each and individual viz.,
Dr.M.P. SHEELARANI M.A.,M.Ed.,M.Phil,Ph.D., | Principal
Objectives Of The College
  • To enable the people around the place to witness the development of science through Education.
  • To create opportunities for the rural people to get inducted in the functioning of the college to imbibe different values for enrichment in life.
  • To get the people of the nearby villages mentally prepared to acquire knowledge and skills provided by the institution for better occupational outcomes.
  • To motivate the would be Teachers to make use of the sources available for enriching their resourcefulness for taking up varied responsibilities.
  • To organize extension programs and social activities in such a way to bring out the best from the would be Teachers and from the people in the neighbourhood for the benefit of both.
  • To enable the student teachers to have an exposure to Global Education by availing the advantage of internet and other learning sources.
  • To exploit the originality and creativity of student teachers by organizing education, social and culture oriented programs at State, National and International levels.
NAAC Peer team visited our Institution on 14th and 15th February 2013. Our Institution is Accredited with CGPA of 2.84 at ‘B’ Grade. It is Valid upto March 22nd 2018.